The Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR) of the University ofTampere requests the pleasure of your company at its 14th Anniversary &Alumni Reunion 19 April 2017

Welcome to our reunion and wait for our blogs on the panel theme of populism!

14:15 Opening Words and an Annual Report,

Professor Risto Heiskala, Director of the IASR
14:30 Greetings from the University of Tampere

Professor Seppo Parkkila, Vice Rector for Research


Seven of our Fellows address the topic from the perspective of seven

different political cultures in talks of seven minutes and answer these

two questions:
(1) Should the rise of populism be understood as a misplaced revenge of

the masses for more than 30 years of neoliberalism?
(2) What will happen next?
Chair: Risto Heiskala
The panelists:

The UK: Louise Settle

The US: Meyda Yegenouglu

Australia: Zsuzsanna Millei

Russia: Marianna Muravyeva

Turkey: Mahmut Mutman

Hungary: Robert Imre

Finland: Jorma Sipilä

NB: This time we depart from the tradition and will not provide any

pre-circulated material.
However, if references are needed, one useful, timely and interestingly

polemical brief introduction is Perry Anderson’s column “Why the system

will still win” in LE MONDE Diplomatique (see ).
Ticker introductions include the following two: On neoliberalism: Michel

Foucault: The Birth of Biopolitics. Lectures at the Collége de France,

1978–79. Palgrave, 2008; On populism: Jan-Werner Müller: What is

Populism? University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016.

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