St. Petersburg: Seminars 2/2

The final day of our Winter Seminar in St. Petersburg found its early climax in an excellent session on democracy and the public sphere in Russia, organized by the two IASR fellows, Jarkko Bamberg and Esa Reunanen (shown in the foreground in the picture below).

IMG_7482 - Copy

The seminar began with Esa’s excellent meditation on the parallel erosions of journalism and the public, where he diagnosed the sister threats of society’s polarization and marketization as serious challenges to the credibility of journalism.

photo by Jarkko Bamberg]

After this, we had the privilege of hearing a most moving foray into the brief history of contemporary Russian journalism, by Anna Sharogradskaya (Director of the Regional Press Institute in St. Petersburg) who’s been a highly active scholar promoting journalism in difficult times in Russia.

IMG_7506 - Copy

Dr. Oleg Pachenkov addressed the challenges of public spaces in present Russia vis-à-vis the case of St. Petersburg urban planning.

*    *

Finally, Jarkko offered comparative stances to urban planning in Finland, with examples drawn from Tampere, and the talk was followed by a joint discussion on the overall themes of this concluding session of the IASR Winter Seminar in 2016.

[Photos by Marjukka Virkajärvi, unless otherwise mentioned]