Russian culture

And finally, in what’s often been called
the cultural capital of Russia, there’s a
chance to see pretty much everything,
so we were happy to encounter…

IMG_20160203_114542 v2
… high culture in the Hermitage Museum…

… the disproportionate statue of Peter the Great …

… the Swan Lake in the Marinsky Theater …

IMG_7337 - Copy
… an unexpected balalaika show in a local restaurant …

IMG_20160201_192738 - Copy
… and not-so-high culture in the shape of a hockey match …


Our academic programme began with a session on Russian culture, and Dr. Christian Laes gave an inspiring lecture on the etymological origins of Russia and Russians.


After the first session, appropriately, we went to a restaurant called the Literary Cafe …

IMG_7230 - Copy

… where the appearances of certain geniuses were not entirely unlikely.


Why is everyone so happy? It’s because they got to color pictures ranging from monastic settings to the logos of Russian sports clubs to get our seminar started!

Thanks to Jessica, Pia and Maiju—the impeccable coordinator of the trip—for the pics!